The Book of Daniel

I’ve been a bit of a one-trick pony for the past decade…it’s a long story that maybe I’ll blog about some time. Most of the Old Testament work I’ve done since 2010 has been Daniel related (see Resources and whole bunch of Categories in the drop-down menu at the right for more). It was not a book I wanted to study–but over the years I have come to love it. I hope that some of my work can be beneficial to you–whether it’s simply reading this blog, buying one of my books, or listening to one of the courses I’ve taught.


2 responses to “The Book of Daniel”

  1. The only problem I see is that you insist on reading Daniel with application in mind (something to do, not necessarily something to believe and bear witness of). The book of Daniel is prophetic in nature, so why try to force some kind of irrelevant application to make people feel good, where the application is for “understanding”? Isn’t understanding sufficient?

    1. I suppose we may have different views on the Bible and how to read it. I consider it written TO an ancient audience, but because it’s God’s Word, it’s also FOR us. Sometimes we do read “just” for understanding–understanding who God is, who we are, etc. But even that understanding requires a response–an “application,” I suppose. I’d also disagree that just because something is “prophetic” it has no relevance for my faith & practice. The primary purpose of prophetic speech in the Old Testament was to call people to repentance and faithfulness, not to predict future events. That’s not to say it can’t/doesn’t do both, but sometimes we dismiss the one in favor of the other.

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