About Me

I am the person who said I’d never have a blog.

But here I am – a fresh reminder of why you should never say “never.” As for what changed my mind, see About “for LOVE of the WORD.”

I have made my living mostly by teaching. My teaching career began in a fifth grade classroom about the time the Berlin Wall turned into souvenir collectibles. Twenty years later, I found myself embarking on another “first year” – teaching Old Testament at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. That’s a story all in itself.

Early in 2012 God started putting the pieces together for a major career change, and for a couple years I wrote for a living instead of teaching – at Logos Bible Software. (No, I didn’t write software. That would be a Really Bad career change.) The journey from teaching to writing is another story all in itself.

These days I juggle a handful of part-time jobs and writing projects–mostly working from home. My closest colleague on most days of the week is a sweet but spunky pup named Zuzu. Never a dull moment.

I’m a language nut (my academic transcripts say I’ve learned nine languages, but “learned” overstates the case for most of them) – and so I blog about loving words and loving the Word.

P.S. I also have an online portfolio at http://wendywidderhuisken.wordpress.com/. Stop by and see me!

P.P.S. A friend has advised me to include my credentials here so, should you want to cite me for some paper you happen to be writing for a professor somewhere in the world, you can justify using me as a legitimate academic source. So, here goes: I have a PhD in Near Eastern Studies (University of the Free State), an MA in Hebrew & Semitic Studies (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and an MDiv with an emphasis in educational ministries (Grand Rapids Theological Seminary). I have written one commentary on the book of Daniel and am working on a second one for Zondervan. Hopefully that will satisfy your prof.

13 responses to “About Me”

  1. As a minister to singles, I would like to express my thanks to God for your ministry. I found your book, “A Match Made in Heaven” helpful in nurturing a Scriptural understanding of singleness. I was helped by your personal illustrations and honest reflections on your struggles. I have used much of what I have learned in addressing the minds and hearts of single and married believers, as we seek to grasping the Biblical testimony and what it means for us. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement. I’m so glad “Match” has been helpful for you and your ministry!

      1. I was wondering if you could help me. We have held 3 annual singles conferences (aside from the monthly fellowships) trying fleshing out what singleness means. I was able to use your material to help participants from other churches think these things through and yet I am still looking for good references. Are there any free online resources you could recommend for me and those I minister to as we think through Biblical singleness? I ask because I don’t have a credit card to make online purchases. I spotted (providentially) a copy of “Match…” from a second hand bookshop.

      2. Hi Oscar, You might try the following Web site: http://www.singlesmall.com. I haven’t checked it out recently, but you might find some helpful ideas/materials there. If you find resources you’d like, you should be able to have a bookstore order them for you – and you pay when they arrive.


  2. Hi Wendy, I found your book “Living Whole Without a Better Half” a few years ago in a little bookstore in Vero Beach. It has been like a devotional guide when I need encouragement and a reminder of God’s unconditional love for me. Last night I googled your name and found the blog. I have just ordered “Match” and cannot wait to read it and share it. Please know that God is spreading His message through you down here in Miami! Blessings, Patty

  3. I have just begun yourTextual Criticism of the Bible and have found it extremely helpful as well as insightful. Thanks for your ministry, learning and writing. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks, Tim! Glad it’s a helpful resource for you! 🙂

  4. Your commentary on Daniel is one of the best available right now! I love the way you engage with the text, your explanations, and your style of writing!

    1. Thanks, Elliot! Glad you’re finding it helpful. 🙂

  5. I like your work on “to teach” using cognitive linguistics.
    I would like to know if you know of any dissertation or thesis done on the concept of Beginning in the Hebrew Bible/ aNE using cognitive linguistics or any other method for that matter

    If not, what do you think about pursuing such a study for a dissertation?
    I am currently a PhD student in OT and I am browsing some topics to see what I would want to write on. I am presently doing course work so I am taking a few Directed research/ readings to see what is best for me to pursue.

    1. Thanks, Kenroy. I don’t know of any works on the concept of beginning – but I’m also not up-to-date on the research, I confess. I know John Walton has done some work on bara’ in his Genesis materials – which obviously has a connection to beginning. The topic is worth exploring for viability, but I can’t offer much more than that. Sorry!

      1. Thanks Dr. Really appreciate your response
        John Walton has not said much on “beginning” per se, his focus is on Bara and function. I had to deal with his work in my masters thesis.

        However, I am thinking about “to create” or “to begin. ” I know Prof. Ellen Van Wolde has done extensive work on Bara.
        I will continue to read and see where I get with either or something else

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