Living Whole Without a Better Half

LW-2 coverGod does not promise to fulfill our desires. He has his own plan.

For many, “single” is not just a filing status on a tax return but a status that declares that they are disappointed, discontented, and waiting to start life. Singleness wasn’t their plan and they may find, like Wendy Widder did, that well-meaning advice and verses about God’s care are less than helpful when you’re just trying to figure out how to live life well.

Instead of cherry-picking biblical “promises,” Widder turns to Hebrews 11. She examines the lives of biblical heroes such as Abraham, Moses, and Jacob, to show readers how to embrace singleness as a God-given gift that can provide abundant life. Wendy has learned, relearned, and then learned again that God’s plan for us is better than the one we have for ourselves, and she makes her case with wit and a wry humor. Now with study questions and a new preface, Living Whole Without a Better Half makes a great Bible study or small group resource.

“A ʻmust-readʼ book for single adults and those who care about them. Widder reminds us all that a fearful storm can be transformed into an adventure as we cling to our Makerʼs hand.”

–Chris Lang, producer/director
Single Creek – A documentary film by Lifestreams Media

“Wendy has not only written and refreshed the book that every single adult should read, but she has lived-out these biblical principles and godly insights.  So many books are filled with nice thoughts and interesting stories… too many.  Living Whole is more than ‘nice’ and ‘interesting,’ it is profound, personal and powerfully practical.  Own two, because you will gift at least one to a good friend.”

–Doug Fagerstrom, senior vice president
Converge Worldwide

Read an excerpt here.

Wendy Widder spent most of her twenties teaching elementary students and waiting to get married. Then she decided life was happening without her, so she started a collection of graduate degrees in Bible, theology, and ancient languages. After twelve years, five advisors, three schools, two states, and two continents, she emerged from the ivory tower and found herself in mid-life, learning new ways to live whole without a better half. She is also the author of A Match Made in Heaven: How Singles and the Church Can Live Happily Ever After (Kregel Publications, 2003), a book she coauthored with her father to help Christian teachers integrate a biblical worldview into their courses, and a dissertation that you probably don’t want to read.

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7 responses to “Living Whole Without a Better Half”

  1. […] again for a couple reasons – one of which is that Kregel Publications has decided to give my book Living Whole Without a Better Half a second run at life. In preparation for this, I’ve reread and revised the original manuscript, […]

  2. I read Living Whole Without A Better Half after a sad divorce. My 5 children, then all young adults were forming their own lives. Suddenly I felt alone and without purpose as family had always been my main purpose. As a teacher of children with moderate /severe disabilities, I had some purpose but felt empty nonetheless. This book said so much in a simple, humorous and yet intense way. I read the book about 4 times over a couple of years and just picked it up again (nearly 4 years later). It is a joy to read and a reminder of the importance of keeping a God-centered frame of mind. The author made me want to sit down with her over a cup of tea and just talk. Thank you for this “book of wisdom”.

    1. Lizett, I’m so sorry for your great loss, but I’m glad you were able to find some help and comfort in Living Whole. Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Hello again Wendy. As I said before I am reading your book again. Making my way through it slowly this time as I have to weave my reading time with work, other commitments, and other readings. Reading it this morning and truly enjoy it as I did before. God really has worked through your past pain to give you real life wisdom. What a great read! I should purchase more copies for others; both married and single. Incidentally, I am doing fine. My marriage ended in 2006; divorce final in 2014. God has given me so many blessings. I’m single, don’t date, am sometimes lonely,( but was in marriage as well), and yet I love my life. Your chapter on Job is particularly right on. Wishing you well and thank you again for being open to hearing His direction.

    1. . . . Final in 2009. . .

    2. Thanks, Lizett. It’s good to hear from you again. I’ll send you an autographed copy when the new edition comes out later this spring. 🙂

  4. […] to get back off my couch), I’ll randomly select five of my sponsors to get free copies of Living Whole Without a Better Half and A Match Made in Heaven: How Singles and the Church Can Live Happily Ever After. Read them […]

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